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Asheville, NC 28801


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Greatest Passion: Bikes
Facial Hair: Full Face & Neck Beard
Favorite Movie: Zoolander
Spirit Animal: Bearded Dragon
Noteworthy Accomplishments: Self-supported Ride from California to Maine, Certified Body Geometry Fit Specialist, Ironman Europe

Meet the man behind MustAsheville.  Jeff is a bike matchmaker extraordinaire who pairs each person with the best bike for a fun and long-lasting relationship.  His love began at the young age of 13 during his first triathlon.  Jeff quickly became passionate about road, cyclecross and mountain competitions.  Now, he rides for enjoyment and to maintain his sanity.  Jeff’s dream is for all of his clients to become hooked on bikes too.


Greatest Passion: Pizza or French Fries
Facial Hair: Glorious and endless 
Favorite Movie: The Karate Kid, obviously! 
Spirit Animal: Turtle
Noteworthy Accomplishments: Registered Therapy Dog, Marathon Sleeper, Snoring Expert 
Rags To Royals Bulldog Rescue

Miyagi is a therapy dog and marathon sleeper highly skilled in the art of flinging slobber and making Fart Clouds®.  They are his best weapons.  Miyagi lost his eardrums due to years of neglect and untreated infections.  Because of pain and a poor quality of life, Miyagi had both of his ear canals removed.  He is hearing-impaired, but nothing will prevent him from being a snooperhero!  Miyagi is finding his inner bad@$$ and perfecting his snooperpowers!